Ode to Cracked Pots
Shady Grove United Methodist Church   -  

The good news from these two texts is that God uses broken things…God uses cracked pots! And the wonderful secret to our value is revealed in this letter Paul wrote to the church at Corinth…for kept inside each broken, fragile, ordinary jar of clay is a treasure, a priceless treasure of immeasurable worth – God’s grace revealed in our lives! We’re all cracked pots – all of us. But when we actually pause to consider the glorious treasure we hold, it’s awe-inspiring! And those frailties and cracks in our clay pot, well, they allow God’s love to seep out for all those around us to experience. God is using us in spite of our cracks, even because of our cracks.
Scripture: Jeremiah 18:1-4, 2 Corinthians 4:5-11