Cupcake Wars- Fall SGFamilies Kickoff Event

September 20 6:00 - 7:00 pm  |  Gym

How creative are you? Working in teams, you will design and decorate a cupcake platter. Creations will be evaluated by our team of judges and there will be some cool prizes for the winning team! Aspiring pastry decorators of all ages are welcome. Put your winning team of 3-5 together in advance or show up to be placed with mystery talent!

Registration instructions:

If you have a Realm account, use that email address; you will then be prompted to select members of your family group who will attend. Guests can also be added.

If you do NOT have a Realm account, enter your name and use any email address to get started. Then  manually enter names of each participant on the ’Who is attending’ screen, using the ’Add guest’ button as needed.