Shady Grove United Methodist Church -- Mechanicsville
Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Kits for Conference

Help us put together relief kits for use world-wide by UMCOR.   
This year our focus is on school kits.
UMCOR School Kits for Conference  As we prepare to reach our goal of 100 school kits for 2018, we are starting now to make the needed tote bags.  We will need fabric hunters, material cutters, and sewers. We have a box in the Missions Zone with fabric that some of you have purchased and copies of the pattern are located on the outside of the box. For more information call Rosemary Budzynski at 804-789-1618 or e-mail at
How can you help with UMCOR Kits?
The following items are needed for health kits.
• 1 Hand Towel  15 x 25 to 17 x 27 inches
• 1 Washcloth 
• 1 Comb Sturdy and longer than 6 inches
• 1 Metal Nail File OR Nail Clippers
    (No emery boards)
• 1 Bath-Size Soap  3 oz. and larger sizes
    (No ivory or Jergens soap)
• 1 Toothbrush (Adult Size) Leave in original 
• 6 Adhesive Bandages  Size 3/4 to 1 inch 
• 1 Plastic Bag One-gallon size sealable bag only 
•  $1.00 to Purchase Toothpaste
The following items are needed for our school kits.
  • 1 pair of blunt scissors -- Round tip only; (no plastic scissors please).
  • 3 pads of paper  -- Spiral-bound or top-bound pads; 150 sheets of loose leaf paper can be substituted for 1 pad (No Composition Books Please)
  • 1 hand-held pencil sharpener -- Must be one inch long
  • One 30-centimeter ruler -- Hard or flexible; cartoon characters acceptable, no advertisements please.
  • Six unsharpened pencils -- No advertisements: religious, patriotic, military, or camouflage symbols please; cartoon characters okay
  • One 2-inch or larger-size eraser -- No advertisements, religious, patriotic, military, or camouflage symbols please; Cartoon characters are acceptable.
  • One 24-count box of crayons -- Only 24-count, please
Please bring completed kits or supplies to the Missions Zone located in the connector hallway between the gym and the education building. 
All bags will be boxed and taken to Annual Conference in June where they will be added to kits from churches all across Virginia.  Then, they will be shipped to an UMCOR distribution center.  From there they are shipped around the world to help those in need.