Shady Grove United Methodist Church -- Mechanicsville
Thursday, August 18, 2022
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MCEF Volunteer Needs

Below is a list of current volunteer needs associated with our MCEF ministry.  
If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact the individual contact for the volunteer position.  
MCEF One Stop Shop volunteers needed to staff our One Stop Shop and help clients in need.  
MCEF needs Volunteer Drivers to help Seniors in Mechanicsville:  MCEF Senior Rides needs volunteer drives for seniors who can no longer drive themselves. The Senior Rides program helps our seniors stay in their homes by giving rides to medical appointments, to the grocery store or to do personal business. Volunteer drivers use their own vehicles and choose the rides to fit their schedule. MCEF pays for volunteer driver training, provides insurance and reimburses the drivers $.25 per mile. If you can share 8-10 hours per month and have a desire to serve others please contact MCEF Senior Rides at (804) 357-9360, by email at or
MCEF Financial Assistance Phone Intake
Currently we have a roster which asks each rep to take a two week period with the phone.
Please contact:  Nancy Gallihugh, 918-7498 or
Details of position:
·        The calls come in to a phone passed around to each person answering calls. It is the responsibility of that person to keep up with the phone and all the chargers and the power strip and any notes you take that might need to be passed to the next interviewer. (Perhaps the case wasn't completed in your shift). This phone is paid for by MCEF and is to be used for these MCEF financial assistance calls only. 
·        There is a message on the phone that hopefully screens out anyone who doesn't live in the 23111 or 23116 zip code.  The phone is kept on silent and you check the messages at least twice a day.  Return any messages left. 
·        A "Call Screening Guide" helps you with questions for the callers to determine if they are eligible for help from MCEF.
·        Once you have spoken to a client and determined that a person is a candidate for help - email the info to the MCEF treasurer who will check with the utility/apartment/etc. and get back to you by email with details confirmed or not. 
·        A return call to the client by you is then necessary to let them know what MCEF can do.  All calls to clients are done on the MCEF phone.
Other Thoughts:
·        Sometimes we can’t help a caller but they are validated just by the call back from MCEF.   You won’t have all the answers for a caller – nor should you.  
·        Some calls are just for information about food or clothing – this info is available in the brochure so easily shared with the caller.
·        The number of calls varies and there are generally no calls evenings or weekends.  Currently there about 10-15 calls per week but you will need to speak to a client more than once.