Shady Grove United Methodist Church -- Mechanicsville
Tuesday, September 22, 2020
growing together

We are not always serious about our faith.  We are called to rejoice always, but too often we simply play games with our faith.  Sometimes these games cause a disconnect between the words we use and the ideals we profess.  Other times they play out in the way we deal with our financial resources.  Often times games are played as we prioritize our time and make decisions based not on needs but trivial pursuits.  Still other games are matters of the heart and have serious and lasting consequences.  In this series we will look carefully at the games we play in our Christian journey.  We will consider the instructions for playing some of our most popular board games and consider how they may correlate with or inform our behavior  beyond he game table.  Finally we will take seriously Jesus’ instructions, that are not so much about playing, but more so for winning the victory.

Part 1: Word Games              (Scrabble)
Part 2: Money Games     (Monopoly)
Part 3: Games of the Heart      (Sorry)
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